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WEED-Veranstaltung: Rohstoffhunger - Rohstofffluch?

25.03.2019 | Berlin: Veranstaltung zu Rohstoffen in Kooperation mit der FES

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WEED beim Hamburger Vergabetag

25.01.2019 | Workshop zu Sozialer Nachhaltigkeit in der IT-Beschaffung

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English WEED Ilisu Update Feb. 2006

19.02.2006: New Ilisu Update: The construction of the contentious Ilisu dam in Southeast Turkey is being pushed ahead!

The scandalous Ilisu dam project in Turkey is coming to a crucial stage. At the end of 2005, an updated environmental impact assessment and resettlement action plan were published by the consortium and applications for export credit insurance were filed in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. NGO analysis , which will be submitted to the ECAs on Feb. 20th, shows that the new documents are seriously flawed and the project is far from meeting the international standards it claims to observe. At the same time, local resistance is growing.

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