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Giftiges Gold - Goldbergbau im bolivianischen Amazonasgebiet und die Rolle Europas

26.09.2023 | Bei der Veranstaltung diskutieren wir mit Expert:innen aus Bolivien, der BGR und der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft die Auswirkungen des Goldbergbaus im bolivianischen Amazonasgebiet und politische Handlungsoptionen in Europa.

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Ilisu Campaign main site

European Campaign against the Ilisu Dam Project

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In the context of a "development project" for Southeast Turkey (GAP), the construction of another large dam is planned: the Ilisu dam. After some companies and banks withdrew from the project in 2001 due to massive social and environmental concerns, another attempt is being made to push ahead the disastrous project.

The most severe expected impacts of the dam include:

Disastrous environmental impacts in the region.

  • The destruction of flood-plains and habitat for endangered animals and plants
  • A massive fish die-off
  • Sedimentation and eutrophication

Also the people living in the region as well in downstream riparian states face tremendous direct impacts:

  • Evictions without proper rehabilitation and resettlement
  • Human Rights violations
  • Severe decrease in water quality
  • An increase of water-born diseases like malaria
  • Aggravation of the already existing water conflicts in the region, especially between Turkey and its neighboring states

Furthermore the city of Hasankeyf, a central cultural asset for Turkey and a symbol of human civilization, will disappear in the Ilisu floods forever.

It is obvious that the construction of the dam would lead to devastating ecological and social problems due to major deficiencies in the planning and designing of the project. Still, corporations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland plan to participate in the project, for which they have applied for Export Credit Guarantees.


24.10.2007: Arbitrary Expropriation Begins at Contested Ilisu Dam Site. English

27.09.2007: Evaluation of conditions for Ilisu dam and their implementation. English

27.08.2007: International Council of Museum passes resolution on Ilisu following appeal by Bianca Jagger. English

15.08.2007: Non-governmental organisations condemn signing of the contracts for the Turkish Ilisu Dam.
German DekaBank provides funding. Irregularities at beginning expropriation in reservoir area.English

24.05.2007: Banks warned to stay out of Ilisu dam. Further uncertainties around export credit guarantees.English

20.05.2007: Demonstration against Ilisu Dam in Hasankeyf. English

15.05.2007 Internal minutes reveal: Iraq and Syria were not consulted on Ilisu dam. English

25.04.2007 Iraq denies approving Ilisu Dam. Germany, Switzerland and Austria in potential violation of international law. English

26.03.2007: German NGOs criticize approval of export credit guarantee for Turkish Ilisu dam. Press release by WEED, urgewald, IRN. English

14.03.2007: Ilisu Dam Opponents Occupy Brandenburg Gate. English

02.02.2007: No Public Guarantee for Environmental Degradation and Displacement! English

08.12.2006: Secretive decision on Hermes guarantee 'in principle' English

10.03.2006: news regarding the Ilisu dam: only available in German. German

13.03.2006:WEED Press release (German)

on the occasion of the world day against dams on 14/03 and the beginning of the World Water Forum in Mexico on 16/03/06 German only

24.02.2006: Critique on the Ilisu Dam confirmed!

Statement by WEED, Berne Declaration and ECA Watch Austria regarding on the new RAP and EIA Report German/ English

14.02.2006: WEED Ilisu-UPDATE February 2006.

New WEED Ilisu-update: The controversial Ilisu Dam in Southeast Turkey is being pushed ahead! German/ English

30.11.2005: Nichtregierungsorganisationen warnen Käufer der VA Tech Hydro:

Trotz neuer Umweltstudien kein grünes Licht für Ilisu-Staudamm German only

23.11.2005: Der Ilisu-Staudamm: Kein Erfolgsprojekt.

Studie zum größten Staudammprojekts im Südosten der Türkei German only

Statements by WEED:

Statement by WEED, Berne Declaration and ECA- Watch on the new Environmental Impact Assessment Report and the the Resettlement Action Plan: the key problems in the two reports are highlighted in this statement of the campaigning NGOs.

Statement by WEED, Berne Declaration and ECA-Watch on the RAP submitted to ECAs: This statement was submitted to the Austrian Kontrollbank, the German EULER Hermes AG and the Schweizer Exportgarantie and is summing up the major problems regarding the new Resettlement Action Plan. (only in German)

Statement submitted to ECAs by WEED, Berne Declaration and ECA-Watch on new Environmental Impact Assessment Report: This statement is dealing separately with the major shortcomings in connection with the EIAR.

Other Documents and background information:

Report of the Turkish Human Rights Association IHD: The report outlines and informs on the current state of the human rights situation in the region, especially in connection to the late escalation of violence in the region. (only in German)

Final report of a field research in the affected areas: The report gives facts and analysis on the basis of conducted interviews of the affected persons. (only in German)

Concluding Declaration of the Symposium to Safe Hasankeyf Febr. 2006: The Declaration sums up the main findings of the expert meeting reg. impacts and alternatives of the Ilisu Dam.

Analysis of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report by the Turkish Nature Association: The Report examines in detail the consequences of the Ilisu dam for natural habitats and the impacts for the surrounding environment.

Assessment of the archeological salvage plan: The Ilisu Campaign Europe highlights the major points of critique rerarding the archeologlical salvage plans and the work that has been done so far.

Detailed analysis of the new Resettlement Action Plan: Prof. Dr. Cernea analyses in detail the resettlement problems in connection with the Ilisu dam with a focus on the the new Resetttlement Action Plan published by the consortium.

Study by Philip Williams and Associates on the hydrological impacts of the dam: In a comprehensive analysis PWA show, which hydrological and geomorphic considerations have to be expected in connection with the Ilisu Dam.

Detailed Study by the EAWAG institute on the new Environmental Impact Assessment Report: an independent assessment of the expected environmental impacts of the dam and on the shortcomings of the new Report presented by the consortium.

WEED Ilisu Update February: This WEED- paper describes the latest developments of the Ilisu Dam Project until February.

WEED-Ilisu Update September 2005The most important developments and news around the Ilisu dam project until Sept. 2005 are summarized in this paper.(only in German)


Joint campaign site of the

Stop Ilisu Campaign

WEED Ilisu Campaign Partners Websites:

ECA-Watch Österreich
Erklärung von Bern

BankTrack Network

More Links concerning the Ilisu Dam

Initiative to Save Hasankeyf, a platform from local activists, organizations and municipalities dedicated to the rescue of the city of Hasankeyf.

French Ilisu dam campaign

Website of the operating consortium: The official documents (RAP, EIA) can be downloaded here...

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