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TTIP Crossborder Letter Re-release

12.11.2013: Nearly 100 organizations from Europe and the U.S. undersigned a letter to Presidents Obama, Barroso and Van Rompuy to outline ther critical position concerning the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

   TTIP Crossborder Letter Re-release

[...] We the undersigned organizations from Europe and the United States wish to register our early concern based on the information about the coming negotiations and state our opposition to the use of behind-closed-door trade negotiations to change and lower public interest measures for the sake of commercial interests.

[...] A transatlantic agreement that is little more than a vehicle to facilitate deregulation would not only threaten to weaken critical consumer and environmental safeguards, but also conflict with the democratic principle that those living with the results of regulatory standards - residents of our countries - must be able to set those standards through the democratic process, even when doing so results in divergent standards that businesses may find inconvenient. Thus, we are highly skeptical that an agreement focused on regulatory "harmonization” will serve consumer interests, workers’ rights, the environment, and other areas of public interest. Rather, it could lead to lower standards and regulatory ceilings instead of floors. A "free trade” deal must not limit the United States or the EU (or its member states) from adopting and enforcing standards that provide higher levels of consumer, worker, and environmental protection.

We denounce the particularly opaque and exclusive nature of recent trade negotiations and insist that negotiating texts be released to the public.[...]

For the full letter including the signators click file below.

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