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Fachdialog: Umsteigen bitte! Faire Beschaffung von E-Fahrzeugen

16.11.2023 | Ein Dialog über Möglichkeiten der öffentlichen Hand, Verkehrs- und Ressourcenwende nachhaltiger zu gestalten.

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Konferenz: Monopolmacht gemeinsam zurückdrängen in Frankfurt am Main

11.11.2023 | Konferenz in Frankfurt am Main am 10. und 11.11.2023

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Conference: The International Financial System and the Global Power Shift Five Years after Lehman Brothers

15.11.2013: A balance of financial reforms and their impact on economy, society, geo-politics and the further perspectives. Brussels, 13-15 November.

   Conference: The International Financial System and the Global Power Shift Five Years after Lehman Brothers

The rise of emerging markets in the Global South and especially of China has raised fundamental questions about the future of the economic and political world system. It was in this changing geo-political context, that the crash of Lehman Brothers occurred, triggered the worst economic crisis since World War II. Given the importance of the finance sector in times of a "financilaised capitalism” there is an urgent need to understand the linkages between finance, its crisis and the shifts in the global power structures. The world is heading towards a multi-polar system, and it seems that the financial- and the Euro-crisis serve as a catalyst in this process.

The conference will look at the financial reform process, the crisis management and the further perspectives and their geo-political dimensions.

Location: The Progress Hotel, 9 Rue du Progrès (near Gare du Nord), Brussels
Organizers Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Germany (Brussels Office) in cooperation with Attac France, Finance Watch (Brussels), WEED (Berlin)
Start: 17:00 13th of november 2013, End: 17:00 15th of november 2013
For detailed Draft programme click here.

Speakers include: Jayati Ghosh (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi); Patrick Bond (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa); Nildo Ouriques (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil); Pedro Páez, Ex-Finance Minister and member of Stiglitz Commission (confirmed)

The results of the conference will be published in a report.
Simultaneous translation in English and French.

To register send an email to Roland Kulke:

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