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Podiumsdiskussion: Cum-Ex: Der organisierte Griff in die Staatskasse - Was sind die Konsequenzen?

09.12.2019 | Öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion mit Bundesfinanzminister Scholz und Vertreterinnen und Vertretern aus Politik, Zivilgesellschaft und Strafverfolgungsbehörden am 9.12.2019 in Berlin

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Abendverantstaltung zu fairer IT an der TH Ulm

28.11.2019 | Technische Hochschule Ulm, ab 17:30 Uhr

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The New Financial Architecture - a Ruin?

29.11.2006: The presentations of the speakers on the conference "The New Financial Architecture - a Ruin?" in Berlin on 29th-30th November 2006 are now available online.


  • Dominique Plihon (Paris University): Everything under control or dancing on a volcano? Basic trends in the international financial markets since the Asian crisis
  • Jörg Huffschmid (University of Bremen):
  • Like locusts? The impact of private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds and REITS on stability and sustainable development

  • Elmar Altvater (Free University of Berlin):
  • Dollar - Oil - Euro: Instability from an unholy trinity

  • Heiner Flassbeck (Chief Economist of UNCTAD):
  • Lessons not learnt - a review of the attempts to reform the international financial System since the Asian crash

  • Panel dispute with Dr. Rüdiger von Kleist (German Finance Ministry):
  • Endless liberalisation?

  • Heribert Dieter (SWP Berlin):
  • Growing reserves and regional financial cooperation - East Asia ten years after the crash

  • Fernando Carvalho (University of Rio de Janeiro):
  • Goodbye IMF! The Latin American solution

  • Randall Dodd (Financial Policy Forum Washington):
  • Playing with fire - the impact of derivatives on developing countries

  • Pietro Calice (University of Sussex):
  • Framework for a development friendly international financial system

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Heiner Flassbeck II.pdfDownload (1093 kb)
Fernando Carvalho.pdfDownload (74 kb)
Jörg Huffschmid.pdfDownload (236 kb)
Heiner Flassbeck I.pdfDownload (695 kb)
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