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WEED is committed to an ecologically sustainable, globally just and democratic world economic order. To achieve this, we need a fundamental economic and social transformation to stop the looming environmental and climate catastrophe, to ensure more global justice and to guarantee respect for human rights globally.

Politically, we focus on the special responsibility of Germany, the Global North and international economic actors for the unjust economic world order and global environmental destruction. We research and analyze the negative effects of the capitalist economy on people and the environment. We carry out educational and lobbying work in the social and political sphere, we organize activities and campaigns and bring analysis and demands for socio-ecological transformation to the public. In exchange with other civil society organizations and social movements from the Global South and North, we develop reform and transformation proposals that we introduce into political processes and debates to promote change. We also design educational offers to sensitize people for their political options for action.

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02.03.2020 > Civil society calls for transparency on the companies subjected to the European Union’s Regulation on the supply of 3TG minerals (Download Press Release Transparency EU Regulation.pdf ca. 297 Kb) - (Presse)