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Make IT fair: Auftakt zur Fairen Woche in Hamburg

14.09.2018 | WEED nimmt am 2. runden Tisch öffentliche Beschaffung in Hamburg teil: Freitag, 14.9., 10-12:30 Uhr

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WEED bei Tagung "Zwei Jahre Reform des Vergaberechts"

05.09.2018 | Berlin, 5. September 2018, 10 Uhr bis 17.15 Uhr

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Jahrgang: 2006
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31.12.2006 > World Economy & Development In Brief - Please find here the current issue of World Economy & Development In Brief (WDEV) and new website articles (Publikationen)
08.12.2006 > Secretive Decision on Hermes guarantee for Ilisu dam - Non-governmental organisations condemn German government’s 'approval in principle’ for highly controversial Ilisu dam in Southeast Turkey (Presse)
29.11.2006 > The New Financial Architecture - a Ruin? - The presentations of the speakers on the conference "The New Financial Architecture - a Ruin?" in Berlin on 29th-30th November 2006 are now available online. (Meldungen)
30.10.2006 > New study on Tobin-Tax: "A Euro Solution" - A new study prooves: the tobin tax is ready to be implemented in the European Union. It can be downloaded here. (Meldungen)
05.10.2006 > Development Compatibility of EPAS - A critical civil society review of the EU-ACP negotiations on Regional Free Trade Agreements - International Conference in Bonn (Meldungen)
28.07.2006 > Brasilia Conference on Innovative Financing for Development and Plenary session of the Pilot Group on Innovative Financial Mechanisms. 6&7 July 2006 - Find a short summary here and download the pdf file (Meldungen)
28.04.2006 > World Economy & Development In Brief Is Out - The first issue (Apr-May 2006) of the new English information service "World Economy & Development In Brief" contents ... (Publikationen)
25.04.2006 > Global Structural Policy for Africa’s Development? - The European Union’s strategy on Africa examined - report from an international conference by terre des hommes, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and WEED (Meldungen)
30.03.2006 > A GLOBAL CALL FOR ACTION TO STOP Economic Partnership Agreements - Policy statement concluded by civil society organisations involved in the StopEPA campaign on EU ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (Meldungen)
03.03.2006 > Results of the conference "Innovative Instruments for Financing Development", Paris 28.02/01.03.06 - The conference produced a new dynamic for the process of "Innovative Instruments for Financing Development”. Even though we can’t call it a breakthrough yet - the commitment of the other big industry nations is still too small - there is progress... (Meldungen)
19.02.2006 > English WEED Ilisu Update Feb. 2006 - New Ilisu Update: The construction of the contentious Ilisu dam in Southeast Turkey is being pushed ahead! (Publikationen)
15.02.2006 > New Study on the Tobin Tax (CTT) +++ Neue Studie zur Tobinsteuer (CTT) - "Ready for Implementation", under this title WEED has published a new study on the Currency Transaction Tax (CTT). The authors discuss advanced economic, legal and technical aspects of a CTT and show its feasibility and desirability... (Meldungen)
08.02.2006 > In Whose Interest? - The European Investment Bank (EIB) in the South (Publikationen)
03.02.2006 > New publication: Making EPAs work for the Poor - Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and Political Alternatives (Publikationen)