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WEED-Veranstaltung: Rohstoffhunger - Rohstofffluch?

25.03.2019 | Berlin: Veranstaltung zu Rohstoffen in Kooperation mit der FES

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WEED beim Hamburger Vergabetag

25.01.2019 | Workshop zu Sozialer Nachhaltigkeit in der IT-Beschaffung

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W&E Infobrief

Symposium on socially responsible public procurement of ICT products

22.05.2017: Mainz, May 22./23. 2017


The production of information and communication technology products (ICT) is characterised by exploitative labour conditions as well as human rights violations. Some actors are taking steps towards creating the supply chain in a more socially responsible way, and more and more public contracting authorities implement social criteria in their ICT tenders.

The symposium brings together public contracting authorities, politicians from municipalities and from federal states, non-governmental organisations, churches and ICT companies in order to discuss strategies for public entities to improve pour labour conditions within the global ICT industry.

The conference will be conducted in German and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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