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Make IT fair: Auftakt zur Fairen Woche in Hamburg

14.09.2018 | WEED nimmt am 2. runden Tisch öffentliche Beschaffung in Hamburg teil: Freitag, 14.9., 10-12:30 Uhr

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WEED bei Tagung "Zwei Jahre Reform des Vergaberechts"

05.09.2018 | Berlin, 5. September 2018, 10 Uhr bis 17.15 Uhr

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New Study on the Tobin Tax (CTT) +++ Neue Studie zur Tobinsteuer (CTT)

15.02.2006: New Study: Currency Transaction Tax ("Tobintax") is ready for implementation

"Ready for Implementation", under this title WEED has published a new study on the Currency Transaction Tax (CTT). The authors, Lieven Denys, Professor of Law at the Brussels Free University, and Bruno Jetin, researcher at the University of Paris North, discuss on the basis of a variant of the Tobin Tax (so called two tiered tax) advanced economic, legal and technical aspects of a CTT. The study deals with the objections against the tax and shows its feasibility and desirability. The central message of the study is: the CTT is ready for implementation. It's implementation is now only a question of political will.

In his opening speech on the occasion of Austria's presidency of the EU, Chancellor Schüssel advocated a CTT and in view of the conference on international taxation, hosted by the French president Chirac, end of February, the debate on international taxation gains new momentum. The study will contribute to promote the debate.

A printed version of the study can be ordered here

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