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Konferenz: "FAIRBESSER BERLIN! Sozial verantwortliche Beschaffung umsetzen"

06.11.2019 | Konferenz zum Abschluss der Kampagne "Berlin handel! Fair!" am 6. November 2019 im Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte.

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WEED-Vortrag zu Konfliktrohstoffen bei diesjähriger Infora-Tagung

26.09.2019 | Berlin, Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung

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W&E Infobrief

New Publication on the World Bank's Water Policy

22.12.2004: King Customer? The World Bank's "new" Water Policy and its Implementation in India and Sri Lanka, Uwe Hoering and Ann Kathrin Schneider, edited by Bread for the World and WEED, 39 pages, full version and summary can be downloaded free of charge

With the help of its new water policy, the World Bank broadens its privatisation strategy: after having pushed the sell out of municipal water services to companies like Suez, Vivendi and Thames Water/RWE in the nineties, the World Bank is now focusing on rural areas. The majority of people without access to drinking water and sanitation live in rural areas.

Following the conditionalities and advice of the World Bank, India and Sri Lanka are in the process of drastically reforming their rural water supply. Consumers in rural areas now have to finance and run their water and sanitation systems by themselves. Poorer sections of society and poorer regions will not be able to afford this. The state is no longer responsible to guarantee and provide reliable water supply for all.

Full version in German can be ordered here for Euro 3,00. Full version in English and summaries in English and German can be downloaded free of charge.

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