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Elektromobilität mit Nebenwirkungen - Folgen des Lithiumabbaus in Bolivien, 29.06.22

16.06.2022 | Am Beispiel des Lithiumabbaus in Bolivien werden die globalen Auswirkungen unseres Rohstoffhungers diskutiert. Online-Veranstaltung von 19.00 - 20.30 Uhr

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Web-Seminar am 21.06.2022 "Foulspiel mit System"

23.05.2022 | Katar Fußball-WM 2022: Menschenrechte & Globale Gerechtigkeit im Sport. Online-Veranstaltung von 18:30 bis 20:00 Uhr.

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WEED Mission Statement


Globalisation is a process with tremendous historical implications. It is not only an economic process but also has political, cultural and social dimensions. Globalisation changes the structures of the world economy and international relations and affects the everyday life of people everywhere. So far, globalisation has been following the paradigm of neoliberalism: liberalisation, deregulation, privatisation and free market access have been the dominant dictum. The results are many losers and only a handful of winners. Social justice and ecological sustainability are being subordinated to the interests of Global Players, shareholders, investors and creditors. The industrial countries use their power to enforce their interests vis-à-vis the developing countries. Their trade, finance and agricultural policies lead to an intensification of poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation. The interests of weaker countries and marginalized groups are being put aside.

We are not going to accept this. That’s why weed exists.

weed was founded in 1990 as an independent non-governmental organisation with offices in Berlin and Bonn. weed is campaigning for the globalisation of democracy, justice, human rights and environmental sustainability. This requires a fair world economic system, a fundamental change in international institutions like the IMF, World Bank and WTO and a democratisation of our World Order.

weed is active in the areas of:

1. International Financial System and Debts

We are campaigning for a drastic reform of the International Financial System. We call for a tax on international financial transactions. We want a solution for the debt crisis that is affecting the Global South and a fair rearrangement of international relations between borrowers and creditors.

2. International Trade and Investment Policy

The trade policies of Germany, the EU and the WTO grant more and more rights to Transnational Corporations. They promote liberalisation and privatisation of basic services such as water supply and narrow the scope for social and ecological alternatives. We campaign for a change in trade policy so that alternatives become possible. That is why effective social and ecological regulation of Transnational Corporations is necessary - the economy’s "Self-obligation” is not enough.

3. European and International Environmental and Development Policies

We demand a substantial raise in public financing of development and more money for Global Common Goods, amongst other things through new means of financing such as international taxes and compensation fees. We object to the opening of markets in development countries in the partial interest of the industrial countries’ economy. We demand a halt to the trend towards privatisation in development policies. We are actively proposing ecological sustainability in the German and European development co-operation.

We campaign for a change in international economic and environmental policies. Justice, human rights and the environment have to be put before profits. We see ourselves as a consistent lobby for justice in North-South relations - in Germany, the EU and in international institutions such as the IMF, the World Banks, the WTO and the UN. Our goal is to raise awareness of the negative impacts of globalisation, to develop concrete alternatives and to contribute to their implementation. Utopian? No, change in the minds and structures is possible. That is our conviction.


  • analyses and evaluates processes of decision-making in the world economy and proposes alternatives to prevailing politics
  • provides professional expertise for social movements and other actors of the civil society
  • takes part in public campaigns and mobilises civil society interventions
  • proactively approaches decision makers in politics and economy and demands the realisation of sustainable policies
  • organises workshops, conferences and conventions in order to inform educators and the general public
  • cooperates in national and international networks like ATTAC, Social Watch, Erlassjahrkampagne as well as with unions and many more partner organisations

Download our Mission Statement here!

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