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Elektromobilität mit Nebenwirkungen - Folgen des Lithiumabbaus in Bolivien, 29.06.22

16.06.2022 | Am Beispiel des Lithiumabbaus in Bolivien werden die globalen Auswirkungen unseres Rohstoffhungers diskutiert. Online-Veranstaltung von 19.00 - 20.30 Uhr

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Web-Seminar am 21.06.2022 "Foulspiel mit System"

23.05.2022 | Katar Fußball-WM 2022: Menschenrechte & Globale Gerechtigkeit im Sport. Online-Veranstaltung von 18:30 bis 20:00 Uhr.

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Memorandum on the State of the EU Financial Reform Policy

30.03.2013: The morandum gives an update on open EU financial reform issues such as banking, financial transaction tax, derivatives, and tax evasion.

   Memorandum on the State of the  EU Financial Reform Policy

The reform of EU financial market regulation since the financial crisis is still ongoing, five years after the crisis erupted. While some reforms have already been decided and one cannot say that nothing has taken place, important reforms are still being negotiated. In any case, the reforms are far too timid to prevent the next crisis. Without the proper regulation and taxation of all financial actors, products and trading places, the next crisis is only a matter of time, and the ongoing Euro-zone crisis will not be solved. In the following chapters, the most important remaining reforms are discussed.

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