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Elektromobilität mit Nebenwirkungen - Folgen des Lithiumabbaus in Bolivien, 29.06.22

16.06.2022 | Am Beispiel des Lithiumabbaus in Bolivien werden die globalen Auswirkungen unseres Rohstoffhungers diskutiert. Online-Veranstaltung von 19.00 - 20.30 Uhr

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Web-Seminar am 21.06.2022 "Foulspiel mit System"

23.05.2022 | Katar Fußball-WM 2022: Menschenrechte & Globale Gerechtigkeit im Sport. Online-Veranstaltung von 18:30 bis 20:00 Uhr.

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Wolfowitz Debakel nun offensichtlich: NGOs fordern europäische Regierungen in offenem Brief zu klaren Positionen auf

20.04.2007: Mehr als 40 europäische und internationale Nichtregierungsorganisationen fordern europäische Politiker angesichts der jüngsten Auseinandersetzungen um den hoch umstrittenen Weltbankpräsidenten auf, gemeinsam und entschieden auf den Rücktritt von Paul Wolfowitz zu drängen und zugleich umfassende instutitonelle Reformen bei der Weltbank einzuleiten.

Der offene Brief wurde von mehr als 40 europäischen und internationalen Nichtregierungsinstitutionen unterzeichnet. Aus Deutschland sind Urgewald und WEED Mitunterzeichner.

Die zentrale Botschaft des Briefs lautet, dass Europäische Regierungen jetzt gemeinsam und entschieden auf den Rücktritt von Paul Wolfowitz drängen und zugleich umfassende institutionelle Reformen bei der Weltbank einleiten sollen.

Open letter to European development and finance ministers:

19 April 2007

Dear Ministers,

European civil society backs Wolfowitz resignation calls and urges comprehensive reform of World Bank governance.

Following the scandals that have further severely damaged the credibility of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, European civil society groups call on their governments and the membership of the institution to start comprehensive reform of the Bank’s leadership selection process. The personal scandals enveloping Wolfowitz make his position untenable. We publicly criticised the appointment of Mr. Wolfowitz as the head of this very influential development institution. The time has come to make the multilateral system credible according to the fundamental principles of democracy and accountability.

In 2005 the European Parliament and nearly 2000 NGOs stated their concerns about the appointment of Mr. Wolfowitz. Two years on, his admitted irresponsibility in the Riza affair, poor judgement in appointing senior management, and inability to provide necessary leadership on a range of issues show those concerns were well founded. Disturbing evidence has also emerged of an increased politicisation that is affecting key policy and spending decisions, for example on reproductive health and energy. European governments must join others to demand Wolfowitz’s resignation and institute real changes.

We are concerned about the lack of a clear European position on the matter. European countries should express a strong common position urging the replacement of the president and reform of the leadership selection process. We are convinced that principled leadership will allow other members of the Bank to express their support for this position.

Therefore we urge you to instruct your representatives at board level to take such a joint position and move a board decision on the issue as soon as possible. At the same time a new open process for choosing his successor should be instituted.

The Development Committee communiqué issued on Sunday 16th April said: "The current situation is of great concern to all of us. We expect the Bank to adhere to a high standard of internal governance". We agree: the Bank needs to practise what it preaches and there is only one way for this to be achieved. The decision is in your hands.

Signed by:

Action Aid (International) Afrika-Europa Netwerk Netherlands (Netherlands) AITEC (France) Aktion Finanzplatz (Switzerland) Alliance Sud (Switzerland) ASEED Europe (International) ATTAC Norway (Norway) Both Ends (Netherlands) Bretton Woods Project (UK) Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale (Italy) CCFD (France) CEE Bankwatch Network (International) Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development (Serbia) Changemaker Oslo (Norway) Christian Aid Ireland (Ireland) Christian Aid UK (UK) CIDSE (International) CNCD (Belgium) Coordination Sud (France) Cordaid (Netherlands) Cornerhouse (UK) Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (Ireland) Development Fund (Norway) Development Fund Youth (Norway) Ecologistas en Acción (Spain) European Network on Debt and Development(International) Friends of the Earth Czech republic (Czech Republic) Friends of the Earth International (International) Greenpeace International (International) Jubilee Debt Campaign (UK) Jubilee Netherlands (Netherlands) Jubilee Scotland (UK) KEPA Center for Developement Cooperation (Finland) National Society of Conservationists - Friends of the Earth Hungary (Hungary) New Economics Foundation (UK) Norwegian Council for Africa (Norway) Observatori del deute en la globalitzacio (Spain) One World Action (UK) Oxfam France (France) SLUG (Norway) Trocaire (Ireland) Urgewald (Germany) WEED (Germany) WEMOS (Netherlands) World Development Movement (UK)

Stand: 20. April 2007