Our Main Focus

Several skyscrapers towering into the sky from a low-angle perspective

Financial System and Tax Justice

The world is currently faced with multiple crises that are mutually reinforcing. These crises come up against a dysfunctional international financial system that accelerats crises instead of  helping to resolve them.

A sheet of paper is stuck to a white house wall with the words Less monopoly power, more common good

Corporate Power

The power of large corporations has grown massively in recent decades. This has devastating consequences: they assert their interests, undermine democratic processes, and prevent urgently needed socio-ecological change.

Visible destruction of the rainforest for the extraction of metallic raw materials

Resource Justice

Metallic raw materials are important building blocks for industry and the economy. However, the enormous hunger for raw materials leads to human rights violations and environmental problems in the mining areas. Through our work, we are committed to a globally just and ecologically sustainable raw materials policy.

Young people from a football club point to a world map.

Global Learning & Education

WEED places global connections at the centre of its educational work and encourages people to help shape a fairer and more sustainable world. We offer workshops for children and young people for all years in primary and secondary education.

Protest action by the Supply Chain Act Initiative in front of the German parliament. Human rights and environmental protection are on the banner: finally get it on the entire supply chain! Improve the Supply Chain Act now!

Business and Human Rights

Multinational companies often condone human rights violations and environmental destruction for the sake of their profits. WEED is committed to a fundamental change in the global economic system to hold companies accountable.