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5. Fachkonferenz für sozial verantwortliche IT-Beschaffung am 22./23. Mai 2017

22.05.2017 | Konferenz am 22./23. Mai 2017 im ZDF-Konferenzzentrum Mainz

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Tagung "Ein Jahr Reform des Vergaberechts"

18.05.2017 | Am 18. Mai 2017 findet in Berlin die Tagung "Ein Jahr Reform des Vergaberechts - Ein Fortschritt für die sozialen Kriterien in der öffentlichen Auftragsvergabe?" des DGB und der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung statt, bei der auch WEED mit einem Input vertreten ist.

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Welcome to Weed's English Website!

WEED was founded in 1990 to boost lobby and advocacy activities in Germany on issues surrounding global poverty alleviation and international environmental problems. WEED campaigns for a broad correction in international economic and development policies that would put social justice and economic sustainability in the centre of international policy-making.

Its our aim to create more awareness in this respect and develop and implement concrete political alternatives.

Yet, we apologize that most of our website information is only available in German. But we are working on increasing our English translations in the future. Below please find an overview of publications and material that is available in English. We welcome any kind of comment and feedback. Please contact any of our staff directly in case you have specific questions. For general enquiries please use

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