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Gipfel für globale Solidarität

05.07.2017 | Am 5. & 6. Juli 2017 diskutiert vor dem G20-Gipfel in Hamburg die Zivilgesellschaft: Wie überwinden wir Armut, Ausbeutung, Unterdrückung, Rassismus, Krieg sowie die Zerstörung der Natur? Wie können wir soziale und demokratische Rechte global durchsetzen?

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5. Fachkonferenz für sozial verantwortliche IT-Beschaffung am 22./23. Mai 2017

22.05.2017 | Konferenz am 22./23. Mai 2017 im ZDF-Konferenzzentrum Mainz

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W&E Infobrief

Long-term investments? - Privatisation!

17.04.2015: "Long-term investments" sound like a good idea, but in some cases nothing else than the privatisation of infrastructure is hidden behind.

With its plans for "long-term investments” the German federal government and the European Commission want to open public infrastructure in an entirely new scale to private investors like funds, banks and insurance companies. They shall be able to invest more easily in motorways, water pipe systems or prisons through new types of investment funds or project bonds - despite lots of negative experience with the privatisation of such structures and the privatisation model PPP that shall be used for this purpose.

The German minister for economic affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, has therefore already convened a commission and plans to make the renovation of the ailing infrastructure a profit machine for banks and insurances. The citizens pay additionally and the public sector gets indebted for decades. But hardly anyone knows about it, because the project is planned under secrecy.

Sign the petition against the Gabriel Commission.

Long-term investments? - Privatisation!

>Markus Henn