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IT-Fachkonferenz 2018

21.06.2018 | Am 21./22. Juni 2018 findet in Stuttgart die 6. bundesweite Fachkonferenz für sozial verantwortliche IT-Beschaffung statt

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Vortrag "Konfliktrohstoffe - Hintergründe und Handlungsoptionen" in Hamburg

31.05.2018 | Vortrag, Film und Diskussion bei den Aktionstagen Nachhaltigkeit an der Universität Hamburg

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W&E Infobrief

WEED introduces Electronics Watch - Improving working conditions in the global electronics industry

12.08.2013: WEED and a number of European NGOs have partnered to embark on the formation of a consortium called Electronics Watch. The aim is to monitor working conditions in the global electronics industry to enable socially responsible public purchasing in Europe.


Parallel to its enormous growth, the electronics industry also stands out due to gross labour violations, including health and safety problems as a result of prolonged exposure to dangerous toxic substances, not having the correct protective gear, and having to stand for long hours during their shift. Further on including excessive working hours, forced overtime and wages below the subsistence minimum. These abuses are enhanced by the disrespect for union rights in most companies and the growing trend towards contract labour.

The public sector has a considerable buying power. Public buyers could therefore create significant leverage to influence structural improvements in the electronics industry. Still, there is no comprehensive, credible and independent monitoring system for the electronics industry yet.

Electronics Watch will bring together public sector buyers and local monitoring organisations. Affiliated public sector buyers are assured of up-to-date information about their suppliers, monitoring of local working conditions and structured ways of responding to detected non-compliances.

For further information please go to our website (launch in September) or see our fact sheet.

On our website you will find further information regarding the electronics sector (in German).

Electronics Watch wird von der EU gefördert. Für den Inhalt dieser Website ist ausschließlich WEED verantwortlich. Die Inhalte können in keiner Weise der EU zugerechnet werden.

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