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IT-Fachkonferenz 2018

21.06.2018 | Am 21./22. Juni 2018 findet in Stuttgart die 6. bundesweite Fachkonferenz für sozial verantwortliche IT-Beschaffung statt

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Vortrag "Konfliktrohstoffe - Hintergründe und Handlungsoptionen" in Hamburg

31.05.2018 | Vortrag, Film und Diskussion bei den Aktionstagen Nachhaltigkeit an der Universität Hamburg

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W&E Infobrief

Brochure: Assessing the development impact of financial reforms

17.03.2011: The new brochure evaluates the impact of EU and global financial reforms on sustainable development


The global debate on financial reform is still ongoing. In the European Union (EU), some reforms have now been implemented, but these frequently are only half-measures and, thus, do not offer adequate protection against future turbulence. However, EU financial reforms must facilitate progress towards global sustainable economic development. Furthermore, reforms will not only affect the EU; they will also strongly impact on developing countries. The brochure "Towards a Global Finance System at the Service of Sustainable Development" is an introduction to the debate.

You can order a hardcopy of this study (€ 2.00) by sending an e-mail to or by visiting our online-shop.

Download the study here.

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